GOAL: Increase and diversify home ownership options.

Objective 3.1  Increase utilization of First Nation settlement land for residential purposes.

Key Actions:

a) Develop a mechanism to register land tenure on First Nation settlement land.

b) Create a pilot project to test the First Nation land registry.

c) Create a forum for First Nations to jointly plan and formulate strategies to develop settlement land for residential use.  

d) Develop strategies to share resources and increase capacity of First Nation governments to develop settlement land. 

e) Develop options to harmonize Government of Yukon land titles registry and related data management/registry systems with corresponding First Nation government systems. 

f) Develop funding and/or financing opportunities to facilitate home ownership on First Nation settlement land.

Objective 3.2  Increase consumer knowledge and awareness of home ownership opportunities and challenges.

Key Actions:

a) Develop and deliver home ownership courses to increase consumer knowledge and awareness. Incorporate completion, or demonstration of equivalent knowledge, into eligibility for government incentive programs.

b) Identify or create a framework to communicate the total costs of home ownership and deliver an accompanying public awareness campaign. 

c) Develop and deliver a public awareness campaign in support of home ownership incentive programs.

Objective 3.3  Increase the availability and diversity of land for residential development.

Key Actions:

a) Identify legislative, regulatory, and policy barriers to land development and recommend strategies to overcome them.

b) Develop a proactive process to ensure adequate First Nation settlement, hinterland, rural and municipal land is available for home ownership.

c) Investigate and make recommendations regarding the potential for a land bank model for voluntary community-level implementation. 

d) Provide a variety of different size parcels of land and lots to private developers and municipalities to encourage the construction of smaller, more affordable homes.

e) Create initiatives to encourage and expedite residential development on private land. 

f) Research and make recommendations regarding alternative land tenure and ownership options.

g) Develop a pilot project (including land allocation) for a micro/tiny house community.

h) Review current home ownership incentive programs and recommend changes.


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