GOAL: Help people gain and maintain housing with services.

Objective 1.1 Identify and address key gaps in the delivery of housing with services.

Key Actions:

a) Conduct a needs assessment based on data/ information held by key service providers on housing stock, including cost filters.

b) Develop and implement a public/private/
non-profit partnership ‘Housing with Services Initiative’ designed to allocate sufficient stock to address service priority needs.

c) Investigate and recommend options and programs to help those with disabilities and seniors age-in-place and live independently in their own homes.

d) Develop and implement a housing strategy to address homelessness in Yukon.

Objective 1.2 Use education and awareness to increase support for and utilization of current housing with services.

Key Actions:

a) Develop and deliver a public awareness and education campaign in support of the ‘Housing with Services Initiative’ achieving sustainability in the health care system.

b) Expand upon existing housing literacy education initiatives designed to support vulnerable and marginalized populations in maintaining housing.

c) Develop and distribute informational materials to target groups to facilitate use of community and government resources. 

Objective 1.3 Increase collaboration and effectiveness among housing and/or related service providers. 

Key Actions:

a)Analyze data sharing options and recommend a mechanism to facilitate support between housing and/or related service providers (i.e., Homeless Individuals and Families Information System, or “HIFIS”).




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