A Yukon where a diversity and abundance of housing options increases the health and stability of all individuals and communities.



  • People deserve dignity and compassion, wherever they are situated on the housing continuum.
  • Housing is a key social determinant of individual wellness.
  • Housing providers should tailor their approach to individual needs and circumstances, meeting people “where they’re at”.
  • There is no "us" and "them": housing challenges and solutions belong to all of us.


Adaptable – the Plan partners will respond to changing circumstances through innovation and flexibility.

Inclusive – the Plan partners will draw on multiple perspectives and partnerships to both understand and address needs along the housing continuum.

Builds on strengths and success – the Plan partners will look to previous and current successful initiatives for guidance. There is no need to “reinvent the wheel” if an appropriate solution already exists.

Results-oriented – the Plan is intended to achieve real, lasting results. Completing an action isn’t enough; observing and understanding its impact is equally important. 

Sensitive to local context – the Plan partners will stay mindful of local realities. An approach with proven success elsewhere may need to be adapted to suit Yukon’s unique circumstances.


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